When baking, sometimes you have a 50/50 chance of things going right.

Let me clarify.

When I bake, I have a 50/50 chance of things going wrong. I’m okay with those odds since I am a novice in the kitchen. However, as a frequent consumer of baked goods, I believe I know the difference between a good and an “okay” baked item.

Inspired by a delicious recipe I found here, I decided to learn  how to make basic cranberry muffins.

I mean, why not? The process of baking muffins takes you right back to baking 101. Eggs, Flour, Milk. Easy, right?

Not exactly.

I’m not sure where the process went wrong; whether it was using dried cranberries or forgetting to add milk before mixing the dry ingredients with the wet.  Something went wrong.

This was my batter.

The consistency was tough and sticky. It really didn’t want to pour into the muffin pan. I was worried, but I continued on.

I should have stopped. Here’s the result.

Now in my defense, these were AMAZING biscuits. But the cranberries were gross and these bad boys were extremely hard.

This was a fail; yet, I would consider it a minor success. I conquered my fear of the muffin. I just have yet to learn how to master the art of muffin baking.